Kirill Yudenok, FRUCT Member

General Information:

Name: Kirill Yudenok
Sex: male
Hometown: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Affiliation: OSLL, LETI
CV: tex, pdf, docx


Current location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Skype: h0st47

Higher Education:

Saint-Petersburg Electrotechical University
Philosophy Doctor, since 07.07.2011
Systems and computer network mathematical software
Saint-Petersburg Electrotechical University
Master of Science, 01.09.2009—01.07.2011
Technologies of program system development
Kamchatka State Technical University
Engineer, 01.09.2004—01.07.2009
Computer and automatization system software


Engineer-Programmer, since 01.07.2012
Develop telecommunication software
developer, since 01.02.2010

FRUCT Working Groups:

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FRUCT Projects:

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Scientific Interests:

  • Software Development
  • Distributer Networks (Smart Spaces)
  • Information Security
  • Mobile Systems
  • GameDev

Some words about:

PhD student at Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University
Member of FRUCT Open Source and Linux Lab

Selected Publications:

  • K. Yudenok, I. Nikolaevsky, “Smart-M3 Security: Authentication and Authorization mechanisms,” FRUCT 13, 2013
  • K. Yudenok, K. Krinkin, “Distributed Service Environment (Smart Spaces) Security Model Development,” FRUCT 12, 2012 (CI: 2)
  • Y. Korolev, K. Yudenok, “Mediator Based Approach for Smart Spaces Intergation,” FRUCT 11, 2012
  • K. Yudenok, K. Krinkin, E. Dashkova, Y. Koucheryavy, S. Balandin, “Porting Smart-M3 Platform To MeeGo OS,” 2nd Baltic Conference on Future Internet Communications, 2012